We realize our members are students first, and we want to see them succeed academically. As a Fraternity, we provide education to our scholarship officers on utilizing campus resources for academic assistance and encourage them to consistently evaluate their chapter’s activities in order to make sure the member experience is fostering an environment that champions academic success.  Learn more

At SIU, Alpha Gamma Delta's overall GPA is consistently above the University's All Women's GPA. 

We offer many programs and incentives to make sure it stays that way!

Some include:

  • Strive for Pi Dinner: Earn a 3.14 and get an invite to a dinner paid for by the chapter!
  • Smarty Panties: Earn an A on an exam or project and enter your name in a drawing for a Victoria's Secret gift card!
  • Skippy Squirrel: Attend every class that week and enter your name into a drawing got a Starbucks gift card!
  • Academic Families: easily find which sisters have taken the same classes of you for study tips, advice on which teachers to choose (or avoid!), etc.
  • 4.0 Pearl: Earn a 4.0 for the semester and receive a pearl to attach to your Alpha Gam badge!
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