New Member Experience

Alpha Gamma Delta has developed a comprehensive membership development program called the Alpha Gamma Delta Experience. The Alpha Gamma Delta Experience consists of three components:

The goal of the Alpha Experience is to help new members acclimate to Fraternity life and set expectations for membership. With an emphasis on sisterhood, the Alpha Experience consists of five key programs: Scholarship, Values, Life Balance, Operations and History.

The Gamma Experience is focused on individual and chapter growth and provides members the opportunity to learn more about themselves and develop skills that will impact them for a lifetime. Throughout the two-year program, members discuss the relevance of each line of the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose in today's society and participate in group and individual activities surrounding these lines. Individual reflection is also a component of this program.

The Delta Experience was created to help seniors navigate the transition from collegiate to alumnae life. Through senior-specific activities with local alumnae chapters/clubs and Junior Circles, the Delta Experience allows seniors to prepare for life after college as they reflect on their collegiate experience with activities such as Senior Recognition Week.
Together, these components offer all Alpha Gamma Deltas the necessary tools to become strong, progressive women who make a positive difference in the lives of others. The Fraternity is confident that the Alpha Gamma Delta Experience will benefit our members by providing the framework for lifelong, personal and professional development.

In Alpha Gam, it is our goal to make you feel a part of our sisterhood as soon as you accept your invitation to join!

The Alpha, or New Member, Experience is a 6-8 week long period when you learn everything it means to be an Alpha Gam!

The Alpha Experience is filled with learning about our sisterhood, history, and leadership opportunities. However, there's also a focus on having fun and bonding with your new member class. Throughout your time as a new member you are led by your 'Alpha Coordinator', mentored by your 'sis-mom', and spoiled by your 'big'! 

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